Technorati’s rankings and list count

Here in the blogosphere, who links to you and how often is like currency. There are several site out there that do nothing but track who is linking to who. Technorati is, supposedly, the a-list of link tracking. So, it pisses me off just a little bit that Technorati’s link counting seems to be just a wee bit inaccurate.

Technorati says I’m ranked 855,521 for my 1 link from 1 site. That one link they are referring to is Adriaan Tijsseling’s ecto site which does indeed have a link to Smittie’s Ramblings. Woo hoo! However, there are in fact a number of other sites in the blogshere that have links to me. The Mad Accordian Master Joey de Villa has a link to me (although Technorati can be excused on that one since Joey has the old URL). There are a number of links to Smittie’s Ramblings over on Writers Block Live. And there are a number of links to Smittie’s Ramblings on Guy Kawasaki’s blog.

Now, I fully realise that I am in any case a very tiny fish in the grand blogsphere. But I would like my smallness accurately represented. Which Technorati does not.


Today’s run stats:

  • 4 miles in 39:07
  • Pulse one minute after finish: 144
  • Pulse five minutes after finish: 116

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