Dept. Of Defense Tough Love

Back in August I mentioned that the decision to not supply MRAP vehicles to troops in Iraq would translation into dead soldiers.

Now, some one is attempting to document the fact that Marines have died and been injured as a result of that decision. read more | digg story

In related news, the Department of Defense again wants to mess with the health care benefits that military personnel receive.

So, let’s review. The Department of Defense doesn’t want to give military personnel the equipment that will best protect them as they go in harms way because it is too expensive and jeopardizes future projects. The Department of Defense (or Congress, though there’s probably plenty of blame for both) also wants to discourage military members and retirees from using the health care benefits they’ve been promised by making them more expensive to the service member.

And this one is really bipartisan. The military really has very few friends in Congress or the White House. Both sides of the aisle really wish we’d show up for the wars they like and then just disappear.


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