Every once in a while, a direct mail campaign works on me. Which is, I suppose, why we have junk mail in all it’s nastiness. 1% of the direct mail actually works. is pretty cool. There are probably other similar services out there but this is the first one I’ve become aware of. The deal works like this. You pay a ‘membership fee’ of $5.99. Each month they will send you the first available CD from your queue. Everyone knows what the queue is, right? We’ve all been trained by NetFlix. But, just in case. The queue is your wishlist of CDs. You go to and add CDs that you want to your queue, your WishList. Every month sends you one. You can buy additional CDs at the same price, $5.99 per, multi-disc sets are priced at $5.99 per disc. Better than iTunes Store and I get the physical CD, which I really like.

Up to now, iTunes Store has been successful in trapping my impulse buying. Once or twice a month I’ll click the button and buy one to three CDs, songs, and music videos — and now even the occasional TV show and movie — from iTunes Store. Not no more! I’ll undoubtedly still do a lot of discovery through iTunes but now I’ll jump over to to make the purchase.


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