Working togther?

I think ‘working together’ means something different on the East Coast than it does over here where I live. President Bush said he was looking forward to working with the Democratic leadership that would be taking over leadership of Congress. Several Democrats have been talking about bipartisanship since the election.

Apparently this is what they meant. Huh. I’ve never seen working together look quite like that.

Somehow, I can’t help the feeling that military service members are the ones who are going to get caught in the middle of this. President Bush’s surge of 20,000 will mean military members doing another tour, military families living with another deployment. Mr. Murtha’s yanking funding will mean troops already in place struggling to figure out how to pay for the equipment they need. Mr. Murtha will promise us that his bill will not hurt the soldier but will only prevent the President from sending more. Yeah, soldiers have been living that lie probably since there have been governments to soldier for.


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