Wind whistles through

Look, there goes a tumbleweed. Does anyone frequent this place anymore? And where did Smittie go??

3 thoughts on “Wind whistles through

  1. I get the RSS feed… but you changed stuff around a while ago and it broke. So, I’ve updated my rssreader to point at the new/correct feed.

  2. Hey hey Smittie!
    Ummmm… I never called you that way back when I knew you. We all just called you Mark. Running around using sticks to play ‘guns’ as kids. Back in the ‘hood, on that quaint little dead-end street, in that homey little hillside suburban community.
    Funny how much our early activities can parallel our adult lives, huh? Now you’re a Reservist in Iraq, and you’re holding a real firearm. Brian used to always want to be an Indian, and now I understand he does social work with American Indians in the mountains of Montana. I heard from Lyn recently… he wanted me to accompany him on a hiking trip, to commemorate the anniversary of the Lewis & Clark Expedition.
    I clicked through to your BLOG from the CVHS Alumni webpage. I was searching for old friends to reconnect with, although I have a much more specific agenda, which I won’t go into on such a public forum.
    from Daniel Gibson — I was a couple years older.
    Genki des ka?

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