Web Host Woes

On April 21 by web hosting company had some difficulties that took my site down. It took about a week to get the site back up at all and as of this writing I’m still waiting for them to get my install of MovableType restored. I am hunting for a new web host but no one really offers what Eclipse does. I have a total of six domains. Three of them point to one web site, two of the domains each point to their own web sites and one is domain only has a mail server. Eclipse allows me to run my three web site from a single a web host account which is very cool or at least convenient.

In other news, I completed the Cabrillo College Oedipus Rex DVD. It came out very well. I was quite happy with the final product. I’m putting the final touches on the George Kahumoku DVD. I’ll be sending that off to him early next week. I have several projects that are in the early stages and all of them are dependent on others. In all cases I’m waiting on those others to go moving. On Sunday I’ll be going out to a car race track to shoot some video of a group of hobbists who take their car out to the track. I’ll be mounting one camera inside the car and then using a second camera out on the track. Should be interesting. The primary purpose of the outing is to see what’s possible and what these folks might be interested in.

On Thursday I went to a chamber of commerce networking mixer. I met a banker who was interesting. I maybe talking to her some more in the near future. I met a gentleman who publishes a magazine that covers the news of Santa Cruz and Monterey wineries. I’d like to be talking to him again soon. Lastly, I met a realtor who apparently has some ideas she’d like to talk about. Some interesting possibilities. It’ll be fun to see what comes to fruition.


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