USN Active Duty: Days 1 – 3

Day One
We spent the day going through various stations getting our records checked. Medical, Dental, Admin, Legal, etc. It was pretty standard Navy fare. Hurry up, get to your assigned station, are you where you are suppose to be? No? Get there. Once there, you waited.

Plenty of confusion prevailed. Are we leaving today? No! Well, maybe. Who would like to fly down to San Diego today instead of riding the bus tomorrow? About 14 people flew down on Wednesday. About 35 people rode the bus down on Thursday.

Day Two
You know, it is a really long way from San Jose to San Diego. We left San Jose at about 0940 and arrived in San Diego at about 1800 with a one hour lunch stop. We unloaded the bus, went out to eat, heard the gossip about what would be happening tomorrow and went to bed.

Day Three
We went to the Navy Mobilization Processing Center. What a fiasco. At the Mob Center we will repeat the process we went through on day one. Same forms, same stations, same everything. Today the were able to get started on service members whose last names started with letters A – R. My name starts with S. I did not get anything done today. I get to it some other day. Not sure which day, they didn’t tell us that.
One corpman seemed to have no idea how to present the information she was responsible for.

It all reminded me of boot camp save that the people who ran boot camp had a pretty smooth running system. These people we dealt with today, did not.
Let’s see what Monday brings.


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