Tourist In Japan

On Saturday, we went to Eiga Mura. I love this place. They film a lot of the samurai TV series here. I’m a big fan of samurai TV series such as Mito Komon. They have a sword fighting demonstration at which they pick people from the audience. Miyuki made a spectacle and I got chosen. They taught us a short little fight in which we, the audience member, slice a bad guy’s gut. The other two participants were kids and they went first. I played with the actors a little bit, letting them assume that I didn’t speak Japanese. Then I answered their question in Japanese. Kind of fun and the actors usually play it up for the audience. I spilled the bad guy’s intestines admirably.

We also saw a demonstration from a snake oil salesman, though in Japan they call it toad sweat. Yoshi got chosen for that one. The actor did ask me a few questions, first in English and then some conversation in Japanese. It was fun.

On Monday we went to Nijo Castle. I could spend months in this place. I love the Edo period.

We ended the day having dinner with Machiko’s family.


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