Top congressional lawmakers still rake in dough in earmarks

From the text of this article:

Congressional spending watchdogs say the story is simple: As the earmark pie shrinks, top Democrats and key House appropriators are still serving themselves big helpings of federal money for hometown projects. More junior lawmakers and those who don’t sit on the powerful spending committee are left scraping for a smaller share of a smaller pie.

It’s that simple. Pelosi won $100 million in pork for her district. Murtha won $186 million for his. All the while telling the American public their are working to cut pork spending.

I want smaller government, spending less money. One way to achieve that is a return to the federalist fundamentals with which the founding fathers framed our Constitution. If the Federal Government only does things that are appropriate to be handled at the Federal level, there will be a whole lot less pork. Conservative Federalism. That is why I’m voting for Fred Thompson in 2008.


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