Too Pooped To Write…

Day 129
I got home from watch yesterday and pretty much went straight to bed. I was too tired even to write in the blog. Sorry folks.

The weather is interesting here. Whether it is a comfortable day or not depends largely on which way the wind is blowing. When the wind blows in one direction, it is hot but relatively comfortable. A pretty nice day. When the wind blows from the opposition direction the humidity increases significantly and it become very uncomfortable.

They keep telling us that the weather will get worse in August. However, some of the Iraqis have said that July is the worst and it starts getting better after that. I’m still praying for a mild summer this year. I hope you all will join me.


One thought on “Too Pooped To Write…

  1. Hi Son, Remember?, in Hawaii those hot unbearable winds are caed ” Kona” winds, as compared to “trade” winds.
    We love you and keep safe!

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