Too Much Spare Time & Old Friends

We had the whole day off yesterday. It’s probably an indication that something is wrong when I get fairly excited about the fact that I have a day off. Anyway, not knowing what to do with all that free time I decided to drive up to Costa Mesa and go to Calvary Chapel for evening service. I contacted a friend who also goes there in the hope of meeting him. Mapquest said it would be one hour and 28 minute drive. Mapquest doesn’t know about traffic. I have no idea where all these people were coming from or going to but there were a lot of people on the road. It took me two and a half hours to get to Costa Mesa.

I met Drew at Calvary Chapel. Chuck Smith was in a series working his way through Proverbs, basically just reading them and explaining the more obscure ones. I was pretty tired and struggled to stay awake. Afterwards Drew and I went out to have dinner and coffee. I had dinner, Drew and pie and coffee. We caught up on each other, talked about his new CD coming out real soon now, and talked about where old friends are today.

I’ve known Drew for twenty years. Old friends are good to have.


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