To Doha

Day 38
I went to a place called Doha toady. There’s a Coalition Military Base there. Staffing for the base is predominately US Army but there are a lot of different countries and services there. I saw all of the US branches of service. I saw service members from Australia, Great Britain, Italy, Finland, Korea, Japan, and a couple of countries that I either don’t remember or wasn’t able to identify from the uniforms. It was pretty cool.

The exchange at Doha has all the stuff I can’t get here in Shuaiba. Edge shaving gel, Suave shampoo and conditioner were the main items that I was really missing. I bought three cans of Edge Gel. They also had several varieties of hard candy that I can’t get here in Shuaiba so I get a break from Jolly Rancher’s original flavors which I’ve been sucking on since I got here. Lifesaver tropical fruit flavor are my favorite. Doha exchange had them. I only bought one bag of those.

Some thing that has struck me as odd every time I ride on the highways here. There are signs indicating the routes military convoys must take. Now, I suspect that many of you don’t yet understand the oddity of that. When I see a sign that says miltary convoys must exit here, I see, “Terrorist, place improvised explosive devices here or further down this road.” Paranoid? Probably. That doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get us.

Four section watches in a three watch rotation seems pretty nice. Tonight I have my first mid watch since I’ve been here. I’ll know better whether I like this rotation or not tomorrow or the next day after I’ve had to recover from being up all night. My current plan is to go to bed about 1700 and sleep for three hours or so before watch. I think I should be good to go with that.


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