Third Time’s a Charm?

My wife & I really like this British TV SitCom called As Time Goes By. Stars Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer. Very cute story. Hilariously funny or at least we think so.

Anyway, NetFlix (did I mentiond that NetFlix is cool!) has most of the As Time Goes By series on DVD. We got the first DVD of the series, watched it, return it and were suppose to get the second. Well, NetFlix sent the DVD but it never arrived at our house. I went to NetFlix web page thinking I was now going to have to pay for the DVD or something. Nope. NetFlix even has it all set up. You can tell them that the DVD was lost in the mail and to send you a new one in about three clicks. It’s awesome.

So, one DVD lost in the mail, a second one is sent on the same day as another DVD (Ice Age, also a great movie). Ice Age arrives but no As Time Goes By (what the heck?). Back to the NetFlix web page. Click, click, click. Another one is on its way. As the title of this entry indicates, we got the third DVD.
NetFlix wins my vote for First Class customer service. Rock on, NetFlix!!


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