The Military Adventure Continues…

Tomorrow I will depart for Warrior Transition Course. A four week course designed to train prior service people from other branches how to be soldiers. You might also call it Soldiering School. They’ll teach us Army Customs and Courtesies, which I’ve already learned are somewhat different from the Navy. We’ll get a refresher course on drill and ceremony. I like marching around the parade and I’m looking forward to learning at some Manual at Arms. When I went through Boot Camp we did not carry rifles. Weapons in Boot Camp was an on again, off again thing when I first joined the Navy. We get to play with a bunch of cool toys. M16A2, M249, AT-4, M203.

Should be fun. See you in six weeks unless I manage to find a cyber-cafe somewhere along the way. I’m not taking a computer though I may have my wife send it to me if I find that it would be useful and/or entertaining to have. I am taking my iPod and my cell phone. Hopefully, it’s all about having the right attitude and it will be a lot of fun.

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