The Man from Broken Hill

I managed to reconnect with a new friend. A man I met while I was in the Gulf. The Man from Broken Hill. We met while I was playing Survivor: The Profession Edition up in the NAG. We were fairly instant best friends. Him and his mate, the Gerbil. We’ve all managed to get back to our respective homes. The Man from Broken Hill and the Gerbil are professional military trying reacquaint themselves with service outside a combat zone. They and the crew they served with had a rather fantastic experience. The officers and crew of the HMAS Stuart were a professional and well performing unit during their time in NAG. It is always hard to return to duty at home.

The Man from Broken Hill and I have been catching up via instant messaging and exchanging photographs using ftp. The miracles of modern technology put to good use by my lights. Hopefully we’ll get the Gerbil in on the fun shortly. Preferably without any cardboard tubes involved.


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