The M.T.A. Song

When I was a child my mother taught me some rather fun songs. She remembered a time before Television and MTV when families gathered in the Parlor and entertained themselves through interaction with each other. But that’s a different rant.

One of the songs my mom taught me one day as we were driving to somewhere was the MTA song. I still love this song though it draws the odd look when a play it in my office at work. I recently discovered a web page that tells the history of the MTA song. The MTA song is one of those that is funny in its own right. However, the more you know about the environs the MTA song is about the funnier the song is. Moreover, the more you know about the actual history of the song the funnier still.

A slightly modified version of M.T.A. done by the Kingston Trio is available on a number of albums. It is also available from the uber-kewl iTunes Music Store.


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