The End of a Chapter

Today, my daughter’s childhood legally ended. Today, my daughter turned 18 years old. As I sit, some 2500 miles away, the memories of her childhood flood my mind like milk poured into a glass by a five year old. So many memories. So many sweet, sweet memories.

With more time to write, I would wander through those memories recounting each and every one. My daughter was an awesome child and is an amazing person. It is only the promise of what she is yet to become that holds back the torrent of sadness that would overwhelm me at the passing of her childhood.

My daughter very often seeks my counsel. She also does me the honor of taking my advice. When she was first old enough to understand what it meant I told her that she only gets one childhood and then the rest of her life is adulthood. Do not rush toward adulthood but cling to childhood and innocence. I believe that my daughter has truly enjoyed her childhood. I believe that she has managed to carry more of her childhood into adulthood than most people. Good for you, girl! Good for you!

“Go on, take on this whole world but always know the road that will lead you home again…”

I love you, girl. I’m sorry I wasn’t there today. Happy Birthday, princess.


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