The 58th Edinburgh Military Tattoo to get under way

I’m one of the odd balls that loves bagpipes. Specifically, pipe & drum corps and the military aspect of the bagpipe.

The 58th Edinburgh Tattoo is about to get underway. It is my dream to one day attend the Tattoo in person though it sounds like getting tickets can be a challenge. The dancers and non-military acts are fine but what I really enjoy is watching the tight precision of the best military bands in the world. I’ve seen units march unto the field, straight into a wall, executing a counter-column within inches of the wall. It was beautiful.

I love military music and marches. Watching and hearing a military band in a parade can bring me to tears. On a few occasions I’ve marched with the band, either behind or in front of it. That is an incredible experience. I can understand how it helped the armies of the Napoleonic era as they marched into certain death that was the fighting style of the day. The music combined with the camaraderie and esprit de corp derives hugh emotional energy. It’s really pretty awesome.


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