The 5 Browns

I always check out the new albums on iTunes 25 New Releases. I am often introduced to artists or albums this way. So, today I was cruising through the list of 25 new releases. An album piqued my curiosity because it was a group called The 5 Browns. The album cover looked like a release by some pop group but the category said classical. Hum?

I clicked on the album, popped over into iTunes, and looked at the album. Yep, still the same pop looking group. I listened to the 10 second sample iTunes offers. Yep, they really are a classical group. Now I was really curious. Google ‘The 5 Browns’. There’s their web site.

I’ll let you head over to The 5 Browns and check them out. Very worth looking into even if you think you don’t like classical music. These guys are hella cool. This video is an absolute must see. Check ’em out.


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