Taking a Break

Well, we get a day off. The schedule said that we were supposed to work straight through the weekend but yesterday afternoon they shut things down, reduced everything down to security watches and sent everyone home. I don’t have to go back on watch until 1800 Monday. So I end up with almost two days off.

I have about two, two and half weeks until I head over the horizon. Still not sure exactly which day I’ll be leaving. Apparently there’s some difficulty in getting the flight scheduled with the Air Force. I wonder where we’ll take off from. And where we’ll land. I’ve been told that the flight will probably land several times before it gets to our final destination. It seems there’s the possibility that some of the layovers can be pretty long. Eight plus hours. In any case I’m looking forward to it. It should be an interesting adventure.
The end of this week we have our FEP which stands for Final Exercise Problem. A three or four day exercise to test whether we as a unit are ready for active service or not. MIUW 104 seems more than ready for their part. Not sure whether the other units are. I’ll be glad when all this training and exercise is over. It has all been poorly planned, poorly communicated, and execution has been mediocre. Sooner done is better.


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