Take Off Your Burqas!

Day 149
I didn’t go swimming yesterday. Never managed to get the motivation together to go. Going today though provided that work doesn’t get in the way which it is threatening to do.
Watched X-Men 1.5 last night. Great movie. Really fun. I’m looking forward to watching X-Men: United tonight. Then I’ll be out of movies and back to reading unless I can find something in the exchange today. I don’t hold out much hope for that. The stock of DVDs in the exchange doesn’t seem to turn over much.

Take off your Burqas.” An Apache Unit spends four months in Afghanistan making no contact with the enemy. They know the enemy is in the area but they will not engage. So what’s a soldier to do? A little schoolyard ribbing seems to have been all that was required. Of course, then the Taliban came out and got their butts kicked but that was the whole point anyway.