Staying In Shape…

…is better than getting in shape.

This morning I was a good boy. I got up, put on my circa 1950 sweats, my running shoes, went out and did my 4 miles. And before I did my 4 miles I tried to do push-ups again. For the first time in two years. I did three sets as I’ve always done. First set I did 20. That’s not terrible for not having done a single push-up in two years. Second set I did 15. Third set I was able to five. So, 20 + 15 + 5 = 40. In March of 2004 I did three sets of 40 push-ups every morning. And I stopped at 40 not because I was tired or couldn’t do anymore. I stopped because I was bored. I did a total forty push-ups this morning.

Everytime I goes down this road I promise myself, this time I’m going to stay in shape.


Today’s run stats:

  • 40 Push-ups (25 + 15 + 5)
  • 4 miles in 40:38
  • Pulse one minute after finish: 136
  • Pulse five minutes after finish: 116

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One thought on “Staying In Shape…

  1. Kudos, I’ve recently started running 3 miles and going on an exercise bike about 4-5 times a week. You should do this, sign -ups are this saturday, costs 28$, I’m going to do it, gives me that extra motivation to run, Chris,
    BTW reading an RSS feed means I don’t have to even look at your website.

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