Spearhead vs Patriot

Day 123
I miss Camp Spearhead. Camp Spearhead had character. It had its own personality. Camp Patriot is still too new and has not yet developed a character of its own.

I miss the old DFac at Camp Spearhead. It consisted of several large Fest tents connected together. In the main dining area, hanging from the overhead were all the standards (flags) for the units present. It was fun hanging out in there. Camp Patriot’s DFac is a modular building. The food isn’t very good. Several times I’ve gone in, seen what the DFac was offering and decided to not eat. I suspect that’s due to experience. The food will get better.
The tents we live in here in Camp Patriot are newer but somehow not quite as comfortable as the tents we were in at Camp Spearhead. And the NCW community had a section of the camp that was called Dickeyville. It was NCW’s area, our hang out.

And that’s the big part. When we first arrived at Camp Spearhead there were a lot of units headed home and a lot of unit headed into Iraq. There were a lot of friendly people to sit and talk with. Camp Spearhead had a number of hangouts where one could meet other service members, hear war stories, talk about home, play cards and relax.

A number of friends still live at Camp Spearhead. I’m looking for opportunities to meet people here in Camp Patriot but with no real hangouts its a bit of a challenge. I guess I need to head up to the pool and see what goes on there.


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