Day 40
Yesterday a few guys from the 3rd Armored Cavalry Division taught me to play Spades. I played a game with them yesterday. They had to leave for work but agreed to play today after I got off watch. I was looking forward to it all day. I really like these guys. They’re fun.

The Sarge was my partner. He’s a quiet, patient guy who suffered losing due to my inexperience cheerfully. One of the guys is my old friend from the 3rd ACR. I’ve talked about him quite a bit here. The third guy, or fourth if you’re counting me, is the guy that I wrote about a couple days ago. A good bunch of guys. I’ll be glad for them when (or maybe if) they go home but I’ll miss them. They are threatening to continue reading my blog. Maybe they’ll even remember to send me an email and a care package. Then again, maybe not.

Anyway, we played for a while today. Fun game. I seem to be getting the hang of it. Made a few mistakes. We still lost. Sarge still didn’t complain. It was fun.


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