Show me the money…

Day 85
Busy watch again today. Nothing unusual, simply busy with normal work. Again the day went quickly.

Getting cash around here is a pain in the butt. There are no ATMs here in Camp Spearhead. The exchange can give cash back if you use a debit credit but only when the system is working. Which is about 60% of the time. They will only let you take $20 per purchase but, if you’re unobtrusive about it, you can go back two or three times in a day. There is a time when you can get checks cashed. it’s like once or twice a week at a certain location, time, etc. Long lines, long waits but you can get up to $250 that way.

I finally sent all my cold weather gear home. Can’t see that I’ll be needing a jacket, long underwear, or the heavy bag from my sleeping system. Yes, it’s a sleeping system. That’s what they call it. There are three parts to it. Two sleeping bags and a Gore-Tex outer cover. One bag inside the other and then inside the Gore-Tex and you can sleep comfortably in the Artic. The heavy bag and the Gore-Tex and you’re good to go in most of the coldest places in America. The lighter bag and the Gore-Tex will get you through the night spring to early fall in most places in America. See, it’s a system. Anyway, I sent home my cold weather gear, a lot of the various memorabilia I’ve collected so far. Coffee mugs from Starbucks, some uniform items from The Man from Broken Hill, a couple of notepads from the Gerbil (no cardboard tube in sight, thankfully) and some other things to clutter up space somewhere. Better they clutter up space at home than space here in camp. I don’t have much space here to clutter.


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