Senator Feinstein: One Soldier’s Response

I sent the following email to Senator Feinstein via Senator Feinstein’s web site response to her statements in this video clip:

Senator Feinstein: Veterans may have PTSD and should not be exempt from assault weapons ban.

Senator Feinstein,

I am a service member in the United States Army Reserves. I have served in the United States military for 15 years. I have done two tours in Iraq. Wearing the uniform of this great nation is one of my greatest privileges.

I want to let you know that I take your categorization of all US military veterans as a risk who should have their second amendment rights abridged as a direct and personal insult. I find it utterly shocking that you actually believe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something unique to recent conflicts. It has gotten a new name and we understand it better but it is the same disorder that has affected combat veterans for as long as there have been wars. This nation has veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, as well as OIF and OEF who suffer from the affects of PTSD. You should take the time to understand us and make an effort to fight for the services that my brothers and sisters ought to get from the nation they have sacrificed so much for instead trying to take away the rights we fight to defend.

You do the military veterans of the State of California a grave injustice in your failure to represent our interest.

— Mark G. Smith, SSG United States Army Reserve

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