Second Foray Into Kuwaiti Culture

Day 21
Made another trip into Kuwaiti society today. I managed to accomplish none of the tasks I went in to do. I couldn’t open a monthly cell phone account because I don’t have a Kuwaiti civil identification. I can open a monthly cell phone account by going through the military. I will start that process tomorrow. I wasn’t able to get a headset or a case for my phone because they were sold out. I’ll buy those online.

I did get to go to a Kuwaiti department store. That was kind of interesting. I got to have two Starbucks’ coffees. That was a good thing but I was pretty wired from the caffeine for most of my watch. For most of the individuals who went it was simply an opportunity to get off the base and relax. Which is interesting because we’re really targets when we go out into society here. The Kuwaitis have no beef with us and I think we’re safe from them. The Third Country Nationals who make up half the population of Kuwait might have a few who would like to see American service members killed or injured. Still, it was good to get out.


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