Sand Storm at Camp Spearhead

Day 47
The midwatch wasn’t too bad last night. Around 0500 I had real trouble staying awake. I finally got to bed around 0800. Slept until 1030. It’s now 1925 and I’m still feeling pretty good.

On Sunday I’m going out to shoot crew served weapons from boats. Should be an exciting and interesting experience. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about it here on Sunday.

We had a dust storm today, the first one I’ve experienced. It was really awesome in the way that nature often is. It looked like a large red cloud moving toward us. Very red, very dark and moving rather quickly. The dust or sand seemed to be mostly high in the air on the leading edge of the storm. As the storm moved over us I could feel a graininess in my eyes and a grittiness in my mouth. I could not see anything in the air but there was definitely something there. I could also feel it on flat surfaces as the dust/sand settled. It lasted about 15 to 25 minutes and was followed by a light rain shower. Not sure if the two were related but it seems like they might have been. Apparently these sand storms can sometimes last for more than a day. When that happens it shuts everything down since visibility is reduced to mere feet.

We play one game of Spades again today. Sarge and I did pretty well.


4 thoughts on “Sand Storm at Camp Spearhead

  1. So does this mean you’re at Camp Spearhead? A friend of mine is there. I’ve been trying to find a map where Camp Spearhead is located and came across your site. I don’t have time right now to read all of the entries, but will later. I’m worried for you guys over there, expecially in light of the recent boat bombings, although it looks like your a ways away from there. God’s blessings to you.

  2. Hi Just wanted to say hang in there. My husband just returned from Spearhead. I, too, had trouble finding it on any map.
    Good luck and hope you make it home soon.

  3. hey, i am in the military in fort durm right now. i have a couple of national gurad friends that left to camp spearhead. I get so sad whenever i talkt o one of them. It’s like i have betrade them. since i am regular army and in a meddac unit i know im around 80% not getting deploy, but i do want to join my fellow buddies. I want to be there with them. Since they are national guards i cant do anything about it. Plus we have different MOS’s. What should i do? right now i am sending htem a letter. what should i send them? anything like for thanksgiving or x mas, i dont want to make them feel sad.
    maria T.

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