Saber Rattling for Dollars

So, I think this is interesting. The current administration is one of the first to call North Korea on its creative methods of procuring monetary aid. In the past, at least as far back as Reagan, North Korea would rattle its saber, making noises of hostile action. They would insist on direct negotiations with the United States. Uncle Sam would come running checkbook in hand. Sam writes the check and North Korea promises to stop whatever it was doing to get Uncle Sam to the table.

The last time we played this game with North Korea, President Bush told them to work with Japan, South Korea and China. All three of those countries are fairly tired of North Korea’s crap. So now, in order to make sure they get Uncle Sam – and his checkbook – to the bargaining… er… negotiation table, they’re threatening to light off an ICBM that “could reach parts of the United States.”

If North Korea were to fire ICBMs on Pearl Harbor, do you suppose the American public would find the moxie to support an appropriate response?


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One thought on “Saber Rattling for Dollars

  1. To address your last paragraph. The answer is “NO”, they would probably go along with the “media” saying that we deserved it and we just need to understand the No. Koreans better.

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