Rita Relief Effort

I have been hanging out in Texas now for a couple of weeks. On September 30 I headed down to Beaumont, Texas to help with Rita Relief Effort. I was sent by Great Good Global Support Services in support of Katrina Response Initiative. Once in Beaumont I spend most of my time working for SomebodyCares.org.

I met a lot of great people, was once again involved in something bigger and greater than myself. I drove through a lot of areas that were still a terrible mess. Tree strewn everywhere, power lines entangled with the trees and debris, houses and cars crushed under fallen trees. I spent some time transporting food supplies between distribution centers. I visited a relief center that was serving 7000 meals a day to local Rita victims. I met a pastor who, if I understand correctly, was unable to evacuate the area because he was unable to transport his severely handicapped son. In either case, this pastor was the first and only pastor to have his church open and serving local residents in his town. His house had damage and no electricity. He had a son who needs a lot of attention and care. Yet, his church was open to serve the community and he was there to oversee the operation.

The area affected by Rita will undoubtedly be back to normal long before some of the Katrina regions. Even in the five days that I spent in the area as I was leaving I could see a noticeable difference from when I had arrived.


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