Day 126
Not a lot to talk about today which is probably why I didn’t blog yesterday. Actually, yesterday was pretty busy. Had the day watch that makes it harder to find time to blog.

I sent an email to a friend yesterday in which I wrote something that really fits here. The paragraph talks about my take on having been involved in OIF these past months.

It’s been a great experience being here. I’ve especially enjoyed being up on the oil terminals. Having time served in Iraq is kind of cool. Being on the first team onto the oil terminal I was part of the most important mission the Navy has today. And I played a key role in that mission. I’ve made a lot of friends. Some of those friends have the potential to influence major changes in my life. Being here I’ve been a part of history. A lot of really cool, fun, interesting things have happened here. When I get back to the world, life will go on. I will be forever changed by my experiences here. For better or worse and how drastically only time will tell.


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