Random Thoughts

Yesterday was a bad day. Got in trouble twice for things that were either not my fault or largely out of my control. Some times the military sucks.

I wonder how long it takes before you become accustom to the pain of being separated from your family?

I heard again from Mr. Knief. He sent me a very nice letter telling of his experiences in the military and expressing his support for me and the others that are over here. I’ve read the letter several times over now. It makes me feel good.

I went running today. First time in almost a month. Ran about 4 miles at about an eight and a half or nine minute pace. It really felt good. I need to make sure I go more often.

I still haven’t been issued Kevlar or a helmet. None of the operations folks have. Wonder when they’ll get around to that?

The days definitely go by faster now that we’re standing watches. I suspect that it will go faster yet once we take full ownership and send the other folks home.

I already think often about spending a month in Hawaii after I get home. It will be awesome to spend a month getting reacquainted with my wife and kids. Being in Hawaii makes us all happy. We really like it there.


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