Random Ramblings…

Day 84
Watch was busy today. I like that. Makes the time go by fast.

I miss The Supply Guy, Sarge and The Other Guy. I miss playing Spades with them. I miss the conversation we used to have. I miss listening to them argue as they played Risk. I haven’t found any new friends to fill the vacancy. I miss them. I hope they are home with their families.

I miss my own family. Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday. Another event that I usually don’t make a big enough deal over. Happy Birthday, my love.

I wonder how much longer we’ll be here? I’m ready to go home now. It’s not new and exciting anymore. It’s just work. Monotonous most of the time. I hear the surfing is pretty good back home.

I see the political races are starting to heat up. I don’t miss that. That would be the upside of being here through November. You’d miss all the politics.


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