Day 141
I’m pretty proud of me. Yesterday, after I blogged, I managed to get motivated and go swimming. I also went swimming today. It’s a nice workout. Right now I’m swimming 500 meters. Pretty soon I’ll probably need to increase it to 600 or maybe even 750.

So I began the process today. I sent an official inquiry to the Royal Australian Navy about joining that service. I learned some things along the way. The maximum age for joining the RAN is 48. I have a few years to work this out. Still working out all the various allowances and what not but the pay seems a bit better than what the US Navy offers. So with a luck the next time I come up into this part of the world I’ll be wearing a different uniform and, according to my wife, speaking a different language. My dream is to go back to the NAG on board the HMAS Stuart. I think that would be incredible.


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