Previous Pundits Change Tune – We Just Might Win!

The upshot of the article is that the surge is working. That we are making a difference in and around Baghdad and the worst areas of Iraq. I wonder if anyone in Congress will read this article?

The US military has fought long and hard to win this while so many people at home have been stating openly that we, the military, are running a fools errand. If we had the support of Congress and the American public this would be easier and happen faster. We haven’t been blest with popular support, so to hell with you. America isn’t at war. The American military is at war while the American public sits in their la-z-boys and their Barcaloungers playing armchair General and armchair President. We’d should do this and we should do that when in fact they know exactly JACK about military operations, police operations or the area of operation.

Congress is playing this war for its political value, hoping that it will be the level with which to gain the advantage in the next election. The American public believes the slogans on bumper stickers and the 8 second sound bites but can’t be bothered to read the history and understand the complexity of the situation. It’s easier to listen to those with political agendas spout their rhetoric and take it at face value.

So, I’m glad these two pundits have finally decided that we might be able to win this war. I hope that maybe the sentiment will spread and America will, at least for a moment, believe it its military again. America would be damned surprised to discover what we could do with a united and supportive home front.


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