Preparation for Departure

Busy day today. Last minute shopping, sorting things out between ‘sent it home’, ‘pack it away’ and ‘pack it in the carry on’. ‘Sent it home’ is obvious. ‘Pack it away’ is the pile of items that can be packed in the bags that I won’t be able to get to until we arrive at our destination. ‘Pack it in the carry on’ is the pile of items that I need to be able to get to while in transit. They tell me the trip will take 30 hours. Wow!

Got two more shots today. The last ones for a while. Got another Anthrax shot. They are no worse than a tetanus shot. I also got another Small Pox vaccination. Everyone else got the Small Pox shortly after we arrived here in San Diego. I was deferred because I wanted to be able to see my family. The Small Pox vaccination is a live virus. They basically infect you with Cow Pox. This means you can’t be around people with immune system disorders such as what Yoshiyuki has or skin conditions such as what Machiko has. So, had I gotten the Small Pox vaccination — actually a booster since I’ve had the vaccination before — I would not have been able to be around Machiko and Yoshiyuki.

Tomorrow will be another busy day. Finish packing, return my rental car, get to bed early. Saturday will begin another phrase of this adventure.


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