One cannabis joint as bad as five cigarettes

I used to smoke cigarettes. At one point in my life I smoked about 3 to 4 packs a day. Fortunately for me, I didn’t smoke that much for very long. For most of the time that I smoked, it was about a pack a day.

I would occasionally run into to people who claimed they didn’t smoke but who did use marijuana. In some cases, they were quite proud of the fact that they didn’t smoke cigarettes. “I’d never harm my body that way.” Inituition told me that smoking one substance had to be the same or at least similar to smoking most other substances. It seemed to me that sucking the smoke from burning leaves into your lungs on purpose probably did the same or similar damage regardless of the type of leaf. A lot of the dope smokers who did not smoke cigarettes I met seemed had an air of superiority about them in relation to us cigarette smokers.

Turns out, smoking mary jane is not only as bad as smoking cigarettes. It worse.


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