No More Plug-Ins

Whew! What a pain in the butt. I finally got my weblog nailed back together. This time with no plug-ins installed. I can’t honestly say that the plug-ins were to blame. It does seem that the problem stemmed either from the plug-ins or the fact that I’m not technically savvy enough to properly handle plug-ins. In either case, plug-ins are out. I was handcrafting the html code to make the little boxes around the pictures of books and what not anyway. ecto does a great job of allowing me to tap into my Amazon Associates account so that when you buy a book or something through a link on my page, I get 3 or 5 cents. So, Smittie’s Ramblings is back.

Yeah, and I already got one person telling me my new design is bad. Colors are bad. You know what? I like the colors. I will probably refine it a bit over time but for the most part but I like it.


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Today’s run stats:

  • 4 miles in 40:41
  • Pulse one minute after finish: 140
  • Pulse five minutes after finish: 124

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