New Look

In the course of migrating from Eclispe Hosting (which was bought by Jumpline Hosting) to Host Excellence I upgraded my Movable Type install to 3.2. I decided to stick with one of the standard templates because modifying or creating your own is a lot of work. In the past when I have tried to create my own look I usually ended up leaving the job about half to three quarters finished.

Host Excellence seems a pretty decent web host provider, especially if you have several domain names and web sites to maintain. It can be done from one account, one control panel with Host Excellence. Host Excellence is not yet able to transfer domains. Hence, the offer of free domain name registrations applies only to new registrations.

Not much in the way of political commentary today. Plenty to comment on I just lack the motivation to write the comments. It was called to my attention that al Qaida’s plan to take over the world has been made public. Not one of the better plans when compared with those through history. Actually, kind of stupid if you ask me. But I’m not commenting on that.

If you haven’t already, donate to help those displaced by Katrina. The Red Cross is a good place to start. If you don’t like them find another but donate. As for me, I will be heading to Texas for two weeks to help with the relief effort.

Lots of things to comment on with regard to Katrina and the situation in New Orleans as well. The lawlessness that followed the disaster was unbelievable and disgusting. New Orleans police officers remaining on the job and on duty 24/7 for weeks, themselves among the displaced, is absolutely amazing.


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