My Friend Todd

My Friend Todd

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Todd and I have been friend since our days at CSULB. We’ve been friends longer than the World Wide Web has been around. In fact, when we met the internet was not yet readily available to the public. We were both quite active on a dial-up system called GEnie which is now long dead. We were friends working in the student computer lab at CSULB when the WWW was first taking form. Todd told me it was going to be cool. I wasn’t so sure.

Todd always includes a photo when he blogs about friends coming to visit him. I visited twice now. This time, when he took a picture of me I whipped out my camera and returned the favor. So, here is a picture of my friend Todd in a local Starbucks in the Torrance/Gardena area.

I always enjoy catching up with Todd. I wish we didn’t live so far apart. I need to convince Todd to move.


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3 thoughts on “My Friend Todd

  1. Good to see you too man. It has been a long time since those days back at CSULB. You were my first trackback (since my blog is password protected, there hasn’t been much of a need).

  2. Hey Gordon,
    Perhaps you remember Bonnie, who was in charge of Chat for GEnie back then. She was also a huge Atari person and very active on the Atari boards. She was who hired me…no idea where she has gone to. Good times though.

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