My First Gig

Tako Productions had its first gig last night. George Kahumoku asked me to video the performance. Now I have about five hours of clips to edit into a DVD.

Shooting the concert was a lot of fun. Camera work is pretty cool. The footage starts out jittery and gets better over the course of the concert. I discovered that if I’m going to do much theater and concert work I need to get a studio set up for my camera. Trying to use the eye piece to focus and compose shots is difficult because you have to touch the camera so much. I’m sure that I will get better at using the set up I have but most of the pros I see use a studio set up in concert and theatrical shoots.

I expect to find that focus is a bit of an issue as well. Trying to chase the focus up and down the stage was challenging. Color balance seems to have come out pretty good. The little bit that I’ve looked at so far is not obviously green, blue or red. The close-ups of George look a little warm but not overly so.

All in all, I feel like I did pretty good for a first shoot. Lots of room to improve but I’m not embarrassed or apologetic about this effort. It’s going to come out quite good. I’m pretty sure the clients, George Kahumoku and Leolani Lowry, are going to be very pleasantly surprised.


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