Day 17
Music is an interesting thing. For quite a while I listened to the music I brought with me. A lot of Hawaiian, Japanese, Jazz. But I started finding that most of it made me sad because the songs all reminded me of something about my family that I then missed. Listening to Hawaiian music I would think about how much I enjoy watching my wife dance to that particular tune or how great my son does on that particular number. Most of the music just left me longing for home.

So, I logged on to iTunes Music Store and went looking for some new stuff to listen to. I’m revisiting a style that I was really into about 15 or 16 years ago. Back then it was called Fusion because it melded elements of Jazz and Rock. Many of you probably know it as New Age or Smooth Jazz (I just heard my good friend Chris groan. He hates Fusion.)

From iTunes Music Store I purchased two albums; The Rippingtons’ “Let It Ripp” and “The Best of Hiroshima” by Hiroshima.

I’ve been interested in The Rippingtons for a long time but this is the first album of theirs I’ve bought. Great album. I really like it. Eventually I’ll pick up a few more. For those of you looking to send me care packages, any album by The Rippingtons would be a nice surprise.

Now, on to the band Hiroshima. This band is made up of mostly Japanese-Americans and their music incorporates a lot of instruments and sounds from Japan, Hawaii and the Pacific islands. I first listened to this group back in the late eighties. I still love their music. Hawaiian Electric is one of my favorites. Again, for those of you looking to send me care packages, anything by Hiroshima would be most welcome.


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