Mr. Smith Goes to Japan…

In Japan again. After ten years. Wow!

Transit to Japan was a typical flight to Japan. Long, boring, dry, etc. The best part was nothing significant happened.

Upon arrival we checked in the Nikko Airport hotel on the KIX facility. Fairly nice place. Not five star or anything. However, the big shock was, no Wi-Fi! Huh? That’s right. There doesn’t seem to be any Wi-Fi in the hotel. There is a ‘business center’ where we can hardwire into the Net. How quaint. I haven’t checked it out yet. That might be how this blog entry gets posted. We’ll see.

Tonight we’re staying pretty much at the airport. Tomorrow we’ll make our way to Kyoto.


2 thoughts on “Mr. Smith Goes to Japan…

  1. Wow, What a great surprise. I trust all is well with the Hyashi Family and that it is just a family get together. Should I let Masami know you are in Japan.

  2. Wow ! ! ! Congratulations on your trip. I assume it is for visiting family and freinds. And that all is well with the Hyashi family.
    How exciting for you guys. Have a good visit. We look forward to hearing all about it

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