Mr. Bush can’t get any respect… – Analysis: Bush must demonstrate he has workable plan for Iraq

So, can a brother catch a break? Coming into the elections the naysayers were talking about delays in the election, that the elections wouldn’t happen, and if the elections didn’t happen US troops would be there forever, blah, blah, blah. The elections did happen, on time, and with higher than expected turn out. The Iraqi National Guard handled their mission expertly fending off about a hundred insurgent actions against polling places. Iraqis voted for Iraq. Iraqis held up their blue stained fingers with pride.

Maybe the plan that has brought us to the successful elections of Sunday will also take us through to completion of the mission. Maybe those who are now calling on Mr. Bush to present plans and explain the future are afraid that as we begin to see success in Iraq, their negative rhetoric will begin to fall on deaf ears.


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