MovableType, Plug-Ins and Way too much time.

Spent most of today geeking out. Installed MovableType plug-ins and then altered the page to take advantage of them. It was a good learning experience. I also got the Portfolio page over on the Tako Productions page put together and working. There are a couple of short clips over on that page to look at, if you are so inclined.

So, buy me something off my wishlist, click on one of the Google Ads down there (that gives me money if enough of you click on them), check out the other blogs I read by looking at the Blog Roll. Of interest, at least to me. Guy Kawasaki finally started blogging. Wow! Now we have to wait for him to get though all of the stock articles that he uses before we get to some new and original writings. Almost everything in his blog so far is stuff that I’ve seen from him before. Maybe I’ve just been following Guy for too long.


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