Movable Type Upgrade

I have successfully upgraded my blog software. Woo hoo!

I looked around at the current blog software offerings thinking I might replace Movable Type with something from the Open Source/GPL arena. I like Blosxom quite a bit but it is not quite as sophisticated in terms of user management as I want. A lot of the other weblog software offerings just are not as clean and polished as I’d like. I installed WordPress though it wasn’t as easy as the five step instructions would like you to believe. There are some details missing. The author of WordPress was friendly enough and gave me a little bit of help via AIM. That’s pretty cool. But in the end, WordPress didn’t have the same elegance that Movable Type has.

I will use Blosxom in the future. I think it will be a great tool for some projects at work where I need a quick, easy, uncomplicated weblog option.

Tomorrow I plan to attack the overall appearance of the web site.


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