More Random Thoughts

Day 11
As we get more settled in and as we find our routine, time seems to go faster. I can honestly say that this week is going by quite a bit quicker than last week did.

Some of the guys start moving into their permanent housing — or rather tenting — next week. My understanding is that I don’t move in until the end of the month. Whatever. It’ll come.

I haven’t been to the chow hall in about a week or so. I find that when I go there I eat way too much. Going to the Subway here costs money but I only eat the six inch sandwich.

I’m running pretty regularly. I skipped yesterday. Couldn’t get motivated. Kind of made up for it this morning. I was up at 0630 to run so that I could call home and read to my kids before they went to bed. I enjoy that.

Det 5 was formed up to recognize some of their top performers for this deployment. They fly out tonight. I’ve asked a few of them to say hi to America for me. I also hope that their arriving home will remind some people there in the States that we’re still over here.

There are a lot of guys that have been here for a long time. 12+ months. Sometimes it is disheartening to see that the only news that gets back to the States is when one of us gets blown up. I guess maybe that’s all that’s news. But it seems to me that some of the water projects and similar endeavors are worthy of the reporter’s time. Why is it that they only choose to talk about those who die here?


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