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Day 91
It is really hot here. Like living in the drier on high. Today it was 114 degrees.

I’m headed back to Survivor: TPE. Now that is has been made public, I can even say that I am going to the Northern Arabian Gulf (NAG) to an oil platform about 13 miles off the Iraqi coast. The article above provides the details. I was part of the first team out there. It was a pretty exciting mission back then. It will be interesting to go back now and see how it has changed. Going to an established routine is never as thrilling and exciting as going out where there is nothing and putting it together, making it happen.

I talked to my son today on the phone. It was really good to hear his voice but I am reminded of how sad I am that I cannot see his face or hug him. His birthday is coming up soon. I won’t be there. I’m pretty sad about that. He’s a really neat kid. So is his sister. I miss them both. Some times I cry.

“That’s a long time, daddy.”

“Yes. Yes, it is son. I’m going to miss you.”

I miss you too, Princess. I miss you a lot.


3 thoughts on “More Random Thoughts

  1. Smittie,
    Hey bruddah, The friday night crew got together for the first time the other night. You know it’s just not the same without you. Hopefully, someday soon you will be able to join the gathering again. Until then I think you should know that just as your family is proud of you, so is mine. Miss you bro.
    p.s. I’m not sick, I just finnaly got off my tail.

  2. Well Son , I keep checking this site everyday and sometimes twicwe a day to see if you’re back and to see how things went But as of now you’re still out there somewhere doing good things for our country. But I do look forward to when you are back writing your daily log.
    I love yah son
    Aloha nui loa, Dad

  3. I hope you are doing well. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting to see a blog from you. The anticipation is killing me.
    God Speed!

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