More Random Thoughts

Day 82
It’s definitely heating up. It felt really hot to me today but we didn’t make it to black flag. We only got to red.

Watch was interesting today. I had a couple of interesting challenges to work on. One may provide me with some thing to work on for a few days. I didn’t get it figured out today. Watch goes by faster when there’s some thing to work on.
I am about half way through The Quick Red Fox by John D. MacDonald. Travis McGee, MacDonald’s main character, is a standard in the private detective genre. So far, I like Mr. McGee. Some interesting quotes in this book. McGee makes some very deep statements.

I need to get back out and run. It’s been a long time. I was doing pretty good before I got called away for my Survivor: TPE episode. I haven’t managed to get out again since I got back. I was doing push ups too. I tried some pull-ups today. I managed to do three. Crap! Getting back into shape after I get back is going to be difficult and painful. Oh the sacrifices we make for God and Country.


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