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Day 33
I am nearly finished with Charles Knief’s second book. Reading seems to be the way I pass my time here. Now I’m going to have to go find a new book to read. I want to read Emerald Flash but the paperback edition is out of print and I’m not sure I want too many hard cover books here in the desert where living space is at a premium. I really like Mr. Knief’s books. I don’t relish the idea of looking for something new.

The latest issue here in Camp Spearhead is air quality. We live in the middle of a heavy industrial area. Lots of refineries, factories, etc. And, of course, there’s lot of speculation about what those refineries, factories and what not are spewing into the air. The stacks at the refineries have constant flares &#8211 where there is a flame coming from the stack. More fodder for idle speculation. If you put all the rumors, stories and speculation together, it’s a wonder any of us have survived these 32 days.

All in all, most days the air and the weather seem pretty nice to me. Lately, they’ve been loading Sulphur on to ships. Not Navy ships. Sulphur is apparently an export item. Sulphur stinks. Makes some of the guys sick, like, they throw up. My friend from the 3rd ACR was very affected by it and spend his work day sitting in the bus. Nasty stuff.

Fallujah is in the news lot these days. Women, children and the elderly have been permitted to leave the area. Wouldn’t it be cool if building a free, democratic society to replace thirty plus years of despotic tyranny were easy and cheap?


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